Spring Jewell Theatre Showcase

After Professor Martin invited us to the 24 hr theatre project I was very intrigued with the idea. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there were other performances going on that night as well. “Girl, Capital G” by Aidan Swanson and “Vaginas On Display” by Raquel Louisa Consuelo Shaw were my two favorite performances from the show. I like how expressive these two girls were and how real they came across. I have learned in acting that you don’t have to hold anything back and I really admire that. There was other performances that were good, but I thought the creativity involved in Aidan’s and Raquel’s was unparalleled. It is amazing to me how they can stand up there and remember all their lines and not be incredibly nervous because I would freeze.

The 24 hour projects were awesome. Again it showed how in acting anything goes!! How these actors came up with such creative performances in only 24 hours is beyond me. HAIL HYDRA! I could not stop laughing at how funny they were. It goes to show how when put into a collaborative group you really can come up with the unimaginable!




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