Nelson Atkins Museum

The traditional Nelson gets better every time I visit because I learn to appreciate something new every time. I remember dreading this field trip to the Nelson every year in grade school, but now I get excited when I get to visit the museum. This time when I went I found myself drawn to the architecture more than anything. Each section of the museum has unique and distinctive features. I love it. Just walking up to the building you are in awe of the beauty around you. The building itself is beautiful and when you get inside the marble and arches tie everything together.

A few of my favorite pieces are pictured below…I found myself drawn to the beauty and creativity of these objects because of how different they are and how amazing it is that they were created in the time periods so long ago!!




It was great listening to these kid’s take on Monet’s waterlilies…”you can’t even tell what those are” was my favorite, but the kid has a point. That is what impressionism is all about though. You can always take something different out of a painting than someone else will.


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