I am so happy that I took this opportunity. I think that I learned more about myself in those 4 hours on a Friday night than I have in a long time. The most important thing that this has taught me is to be myself. I used PitchKamp as a way to help me learn about how to better pitch myself as the best candidate for a job. They helped me break out of my comfort zone and be able to get in front of a group to talk about myself. I’ve never been one to brag about myself or feel proud of myself, but the guys who came in from Think Big helped me to see that I am a good candidate for the job, and I have to present myself that way so that the employer will think the same thing.

Some of the exercises we did were at fist scary and uncomfortable. I was very nervous to participate. The Think Big partners helped me understand that it was a scary thing to speak in front of a group of people about you, but that with practice it becomes easier. This was a huge thing for me.


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