Senior Art Show





This was the first time I have attended an Art Show put on by my fellow Jewell Students and I was throughly impressed. Julie, Rachel, and Haley are all very incredibly talented artists and I really appreciated their creative vision. I really enjoyed Haley’s sculptures using classic board game pieces and Julie’s photography was beautiful. I like how she used the beach as her environment because they weren’t you’re average beach photos, they were unique to her style and imagination. Overall I was very impressed by the talent of my fellow seniors! Way to go girls!




Week 13

“10 Surefire Ways to Wake Up Your Creativity”

1. Your brain does better creative work when you are tired- this is because when we are tired our brain has a harder time focusing allowing us to wander off on tangents that could spark a creative thought

2. Exercise can improve your creativity- sweat is like WD-40 for the brain!

3. Ambient noise levels are the best for creativity- ambient sounds like coffee shops help creative thinking where silence helps detail oriented tasks

4. Nothing is original: creativity is all about making connections-“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.” -Steve Jobs

5. Traveling abroad may help improve creative thinking

6. Dim light makes us feel more free

7. Blue and Green can help improve your performance on creative tasks

8. Constraints can be beneficial to creativity- for example constraints on time can motivate you or constraints on ideas can help you focus and not feel overwhelmed by “to many choices”

9. A separate messy desk can help improve creativity

10. Being sleepy can make you more creative- use dreams to create!,0,0.story

Week 12

“Need a New Idea? Here Are Three Ways to Boost Creativity”

1. Take a walk- there has been countless research done on how being active stimulates creativity.

2. Get a hobby- doing things such as watching tv, playing a sport, or cooking can boost creative thinking and encourage colloborative work.

3. Go abroad- exposing yourself to different cultures can really boost creativity. Having cultural diversity helps to solve problems in new ways.

These three ideas are ways to push through creative roadblocks.

Nelson Atkins Museum

The traditional Nelson gets better every time I visit because I learn to appreciate something new every time. I remember dreading this field trip to the Nelson every year in grade school, but now I get excited when I get to visit the museum. This time when I went I found myself drawn to the architecture more than anything. Each section of the museum has unique and distinctive features. I love it. Just walking up to the building you are in awe of the beauty around you. The building itself is beautiful and when you get inside the marble and arches tie everything together.

A few of my favorite pieces are pictured below…I found myself drawn to the beauty and creativity of these objects because of how different they are and how amazing it is that they were created in the time periods so long ago!!




It was great listening to these kid’s take on Monet’s waterlilies…”you can’t even tell what those are” was my favorite, but the kid has a point. That is what impressionism is all about though. You can always take something different out of a painting than someone else will.

Week 11

“Boost Creativity in Your Career”

  • Go Local- ask different local business owners questions about their company to become inspired with new ideas
  • 10 Different Ways- find a random object around you and come up with 10 different and unique uses for it. i.e. a paper clip as a tie clip
  • New Angles- creativity is all about seeing things from new angles.
  • Meet New People-Collaborate with someone new and unusual to come up with creative inputs
  • Model it- create a real world model of an office system and make predictions about it to get creative ideas flowing
  • Music- Music can be an enabler and help connect activities

In all creativity is about connecting things. Connect learning with experience and you’ll find yourself being creative in no time!!NKuvD

Week 10

“How to Avoid the Curse of Creative Perfectionism”

This article reflects on animated film maker Hayao Miyazaki and his creative process. What stood out to me was that he felt like creating lead to him feeling like a failure. I don’t know if that is a common expression but he states that he can never watch his movies because he picks at them and only points out where he could have done better. To avoid this he immediately undergoes another project. I find it interesting that he never takes any down time to appreciate his work! That would be my favorite part of the process!

Johnny Depp, for example, told the BBC that he avoids his own movies. “I like the experience, I like the process, I like doing the work. But then, you know if I’ve got to see myself–I don’t like to see the thing become the product, I suppose,” he said.


I am so happy that I took this opportunity. I think that I learned more about myself in those 4 hours on a Friday night than I have in a long time. The most important thing that this has taught me is to be myself. I used PitchKamp as a way to help me learn about how to better pitch myself as the best candidate for a job. They helped me break out of my comfort zone and be able to get in front of a group to talk about myself. I’ve never been one to brag about myself or feel proud of myself, but the guys who came in from Think Big helped me to see that I am a good candidate for the job, and I have to present myself that way so that the employer will think the same thing.

Some of the exercises we did were at fist scary and uncomfortable. I was very nervous to participate. The Think Big partners helped me understand that it was a scary thing to speak in front of a group of people about you, but that with practice it becomes easier. This was a huge thing for me.