Week 9

“On the Edge of Chaos: Where Creativity Flourishes”

This article states that creativity is not only something new but also something that has value. This is different than what we talked about in my creativity class, we called it innovation when discussing value. Goes to show that there are many different ways to define both words. Children said that they were most creative in class when given the freedom to explore and not have to seek right or wrong answers. It is important for teachers to create room for kids to express themselves and be free to create something new! Our creative ideas come from the same part of the brain as our feelings and emotions do. Connecting to our body is a huge part of being creative according to Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, a professor at USC’s Rossier School of Education. To reach the perfect balance in the brain were creativity can be achieved is called flow, sort of like what athletes would call being in the zone. Freedom to explore and practice without a specific goal in mind is a key element of developing creative competence.

“Creativity is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity,”

-Sir Ken Robinson




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