Week 6

“4 Ways to Increase Creativity as an Entrepreneur”

An entrepreneur is someone who comes up with ways to meet unfulfilled needs in a marketplace. This leads itself as a creative profession because you are creating something new to meet a need.

This article gives four ways to inspire creativity-

1. Ditch your comfort zone- The comfort zone is creativities nemesis because to be creative you must see things in a new light, not what you’re used to everyday.

  • Take a different route to work.
  • Eat lunch with someone new.
  • Read a magazine you would never buy.
  • Travel.
  • Wander.
  • Get lost.

2. Discover your thinking profile- Comfort zones aren’t just physical, they are mental as well. We all have a unique problem solving go to, find your strengths and play to those.

3. Play to your creative strengths- Each one of us has a different “thinking archetype” discover yours and use it to boost your creative process.

  • Clarifier: This is the realist who loves to dig into the facts and discover strategic insights and opportunities.
  • Ideator: This is the visionary who loves to think big and play with new possibilities.
  • Developer: This person is an evaluator who loves to craft complex, disciplined solutions.
  • Implementer: This is the activator type who loves to get things done, try things out, and to take a risk and learn as they go.

4. Remember that great minds actually don’t think alike- Creating a group of people who have different strengths is the best way to come up with the best ideas. Discover how each person on your team thinks and creates to use those strengths to the best advantage.

remember that we are all points of light, but our flashlights are typically angled in different directions.”




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