Week 2

“5 Ways To Know You’re Creative”

            Passion is the key to achievement, but pure force and hard work are necessary for success, but without creativity it’s hard. Creativity is the key that turns the ignition of passion. It is important to see problems, not as obstacles, but as opportunities. Creativity is a bigger indicator of success than intelligence. It is important for individuals to be creative as well as teams to best serve your customers.

  1. You implement the right kind of structure- creativity requires more than just encouraging someone to think outside the box, it takes breaking down rules and walls that are keeping people from new ideas and experiences
  2. You thrive under pressure, but aren’t purely deadline-driven- chronic stress inhibits creativity. Take more time on specific tasks; don’t wait till the last minute.
  3. You’re not just out for a win- you can’t build anything of worth without purpose.
  4. You’re not afraid to be newbie- curious, life-long learners.
  5. You embrace change- habits comprise the creative muscle




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