Week 1

Week 1- “18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently”

Studies are showing that creativity is a lot more complex than just left/right brained. Psychologically creative people are complicated because personality types are difficult to pin down. Creative people tend to avoid habits or routines. “Hard for creative people to know themselves because creative self is more complex than the non-creative self.” They say that imaginative people have “messier minds” and there is no “typical” creative type, only tell tale creative characteristics which are….

  1. Daydreaming- creative incubation
  2. Observe everything- see possibilities everywhere
  3. Work hours that work for them
  4. Take time for solitude
  5. Turn life’s obstacles around- silver lining in challenges
  6. Seek our new experiences- openness to everything
  7. “Fail Up”- don’t take failure personally, they learn from it
  8. Ask big questions- insatiably curious
  9. People watch- observant and find inspiration here
  10. Take risks- making something from nothing, public firsts
  11. Life is opportunity for self-expression
  12. Follow true passions- intrinsically motivated
  13. Get out of their own heads- daydream to let go of the present
  14. Lose track of time
  15. Surround themselves with beauty
  16. They connect the dots
  17. Shake things up
  18. Mindfulness- clear and focused mind



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