Moscow Ballet

The Moscow Ballet put on a performance of Sleeping Beauty at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts that was incredible. This was my first time at the KCPA and I was blown away by the beautiful architecture and design. To top it off the performance was amazing. It was also the first ballet I had ever attended so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The dancers displayed the story of Sleeping Beauty solely through dance. They never once spoke, but you could tell what was going on the whole time. Their outfits were beautiful and their skills were unparalleled. For my first ballet experience I was extremely pleased. I was worried that it might be boring, but I was interested and drawn into the story the whole time. I still can’t believe how good these dancers were. The set also stood out to me because of how detailed it was, but also how it was understated enough to let the performers do the story telling. It would be interesting to watch the creative process of designing the entire show. I can’t imagine the amount of time was put into making the performance a success, from the choreography to the lighting and music. I really enjoyed my experience learning more about ballet and Kauffman.



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